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Baseball, Americas obsessive answer to rounders and cricket is an increasingly popular game worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of fans stretching from Japan to Honduras, yet it isn’t heavily covered by online slots. This is why Microgaming decided it was time to introduce a baseball themed slot to satisfy the fans of this game and lovers of all-things American, as well as create an overall fun and engaging online casino game.

The overall game is highly playable, especially if you are a fan of baseball and a slots lover. The game features gameplay across 9 fairly basic pay lines and includes symbols that represent items you commonly see at a baseball pitch.

If you are looking to try out the Hotshot online casino slot, check out any of the casinos below for instant access to free and real money versions of this exciting Microgaming slot.

How to Play

Hot Shot is a fairly simple online casino slot, with 9 pay lines scattered across five reels. The game offers no special features, so you will want to make your pay-outs the good old fashioned way, by stacking several of the same symbols on one of the pay lines.

The symbols in Hot Shot include all the popular props you will see in a baseball match, including hats, bats, gloves and food like fries, hot dogs and candy. The Wild Ball serves as a substitution for all symbols except the Scatter.

Scatter symbol is the Trophy symbol which pays up to 100 coins or 100 times the initial bet per spin. You can win up to 1.000 coins if you manage to stop five Home Run symbols on one of the nine paylines, which is the game’s biggest prize.

Hot Shot Slot Jackpot

Hot Shot is one of those straight slots that don’t really offer any real jackpots. You could say that the 1.000 coin prize you win when you stop five Home Run symbols is the jackpot, but this is by no means the kind of a major jackpot you will see in many other games.

The game offers very consistent pay outs however, and despite having slightly lower overall return to player, Hot Shot actually feels very comfortable to play as you will never go for long without any wins. The low volatility of the slot is certainly one of its best sides.

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Hot Shot Mobile Slot

While Hot Shot is by no means one of the most modern slots out there, Microgaming provides a mobile version of this baseball themed game. The game acts fairly seamless in the mobile version as well but its slightly underdeveloped software makes it less than perfect for mobile.

Still, if you are the kind of player who enjoys playing slots on the go and don’t mind a bit of waiting time between spins, Hot Shot mobile may be a game to keep you occupied while waiting for appointments or at boring lectures.

Hot Shot Slot Graphics and Sounds

Hot Shot is a baseball themed game, so it is no surprise that both graphics and sounds take their motives from baseball games. The background sound of the crowd cheering on their favourite baseball teams and the win sounds derived from various baseball pitch sounds really add to the whole experience by making it feel like you were in a middle of an actual baseball match.

Graphics are somewhat basic and there are no advanced animations involved, and all of the symbols in the game are themed after baseball equipment or the stuff you get to eat and drink during baseball games in the stands.

If you are someone who enjoys following baseball games standing or sitting next to the pitch, Hot Shot will be a game that you can definitely connect with on many levels.

Become a Hot Shot Yourself

The title of the game alludes to the one player on the baseball pitch everyone is looking at and in this case, that player is you. The game is all about trying to earn some cash while spinning reels full of baseball themed symbols and if you get lucky enough you will be the Hot Shot the next day, when the cash arrives.

Hot Shot is a very simple game with no advanced features, so learning to play is as simple as good old fashioned, American Apple Pie. All you need to do is register with one of our recommended casinos, find the game of Hot Shot and start spinning away at those reels in the hopes of becoming the next baseball Hot Shot.

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